How’s the food scene in Tucson?

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When I travel to other locales and talk about Tucson, one of the most common questions people ask (besides “how common are the rattlesnakes and scorpions?”) is how good the food is. Specifically, the Mexican food. Well, in my opinion, it’s great! And while the Mexican food available in this town is fantastic, the local food scene has many more varieties to offer! But I’m no foodie, so don’t trust my opinion! We have two excellent local food publications available: Edible Baja which is online as well as in print and available for free throughout town, and Tucson Foodie which is a website only but is an invaluable resource for anybody looking for food and drink advice in town.

For further reading, here’s some recent accolades and press the Tucson food scene has received:

June 2015: New York Magazine publishes “Taste the Flavors of Tucson” highlighting not just excellent food but lodging options, beverage choices and other local recommendations. See the article here:

December 2015: UNESCO names Tucson a “World City of Gastronomy.” It is the only city in the United States to receive such a designation.

January 2016: The Smithsonian Magazine publishes an article highlighting the reasons why the “World City of Gastronomy” title was earned:

June 2016: Alton Brown picked the Tucson Tamale Company as one of the top 10 “all-American restaurant recommendations.” See the article here:

July 2016: The Guardian publishes an article highlighting the city’s foodie reputation:

August 2016: The New York Times article “Tucson Becomes an Unlikely Food Star” is published. See here:




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2 thoughts on “How’s the food scene in Tucson?

  1. I love Edible Baja. I subscribe to the magazine and it keeps me connected to my new home until I get out there. Thanks for the other great link to Tucson Foodie. I love staying connected with all things Tucson.

    1. I’m happy to hear that it was useful to you – and, yes, I think you’ll enjoy Tucson Foodie. They are pretty active and definitely see their social media feeds for the most up to date info.

      Thanks for reading!

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